The Monsoon Chapter 7

The Monsoon Chapter 7: Explorations in painting by Om Prakash



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Alliance Francaise de Delhi (Galerie Romain Roland)

72 Lodhi Estate; New Delhi -110003

Date / Time

Thurs. 2 – Sun. 12 August 2012 // 11 am to 8 pm

Preview on Wednesday 1st August 2012 // 7-10 pm


Entry Details

Entry to the exhibition is free and open to all.

Entry to the preview is by invitation only.

Contact Himanshu Verma / / 011-41764054



Om Prakash (b. 1932)



An integral part of The Monsoon Festival since its very inception, the art exhibition The Monsoon Chapter explores the rich variety of awakenings and experiences that the season has in store for us. The exhibition presents works exploring a range of themes connected with the venerated season: abstract, landscape and nature, flora and fauna, the human element, divinity, monsoon objects and the city; thus enabling an enjoyment of the finer nuances of the season in varied artistic styles.

This year we present the work of Om Prakash, a senior artist, whose works defy stylistic definition, and span a range of multi-faceted approaches, including abstract, neo-tantric, landscapes and realism. Om Prakash is an institution in himself and has been a hoary albeit quiet presence on the Indian art scene since the 1950s. The artist etches sensitive portrayals of the spirit of the season with utmost mastery of form and a mysterious spiritual engagement with various expressions. His work dwells on a delicate balance of structure and an abstraction imbued with a unique energy, alluding significantly to Hindustani classical music, which has been one of the main influences in the artist’s practice, who has also been a musician.

In a lifespan of 80 years, Professor Shri Om Prakash has had 54 solo exhibitions and has received several awards including Lalit Kala Akademi National Award (1969) and Delhi State Award (2003). He has been a guiding light to a whole generation of artists, having taught at SPA (1961-1981) and College of Art as Principal (1981-1992).

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 Om Prakash / Neelima / 70×70″ / 2008